"(John) Fekner’s stencil Wheels Over Indian Trails greeted motorists and international travelers arriving in New York City at the Pulaski Bridge Queens Midtown Tunnel from 1979-1990. The message remained untouched for eleven years, until Earth Day 1990, when Mr. Fekner, feeling the piece had run its course, painted over it." -From the book
every day is a good day.
By Wilma P. Mankiller
Fulcrum Publishing
Golden, CO 80403
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"Beckett Space" combines the efforts of Mr. Saltz, 12 actors, 3 puppets, a full theatrical staff and 7 computers, 3 video projectors, 5 closed-circuit video cameras, a motion-tracking device, as well as assorted high-tech contraptions.

"I designed the set for Ohio Impromptu based on a dream I had about finding my father's gravestone and his image appeared on the front of the stone. However, it was my image mirrored and not my father's."

"...Ohio Impromptu," a play written for two actors, visually alike as possible and seated together at one table. The original calls for the first actor to control the speaking actions of the other by thumping on the table as though his companion were little better than a phonograph machine.

"In our presentation of 'Ohio Impromptu,' the speaking character really will be a machine," Mr. Quinlan said. "A live actor will be seated at a table across from a video image of himself reading aloud from a book.

"The living actor will thump on the table and just as in the original play force his companion to re-read his last full line. We have achieved this by placing a sensor under the table, when the actor thumps it, it then sends a message to a computer which synchronizes the activity in real time."

But working hand in hand with computer systems has its price. On the show's second night, the Liquid Emoting Diodes, a light system integral to the Quad section, was not operating. And the motion sensitive sound system necessary to the dance portion of the show entitled "Variations on Godot" failed to work that night as well.


FOUR BROTHERS is a play about siblings who return to the family farm in Ohio for a family reunion, one year after the mother has died and the father suddenly remarries. The brothers dissect their family, childhoods, grief and the meaning of their relationship to one another. 


"My inspiration for WHISKEYVILLE were stories my mother told while I was growing up...about my grandparents' farm in Ohio during the Depression."


For the past 20 years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with Michael Dorn Moody. I designed and directed his three epic plays, The Shortchanged Review, The Fool and SPILL  and currently developing his screenplay, Mister Man. You can view his website by clicking  on the photo below. 

THE FOOL - by Michael Dorn Moody

Eastport Municipal Pier, Maine

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You might really hate the play, but ther